Who We Are

Welcome to our new site! We are a mushroom cultivation company out of beautiful Mancos, Colorado. We are getting ready to enter our second year of cultivation and working hard this winter to develop some really cool projects for the 2014 season…more on that to come!

Our company started in the fall of 2012 out of ideas hatched that summer. San Juan Mycology, LLC is built of just the two of us, although we hope to add some interns this summer. During the 2013 season we produced Shiitake, The Elm Oyster, The Pink Oyster, and The Lion’s Mane for local farmer’s markets and wholesale. 2013 was quite the whirlwind for us, and we look forward to charging into the 2014 season regrouped and ready for another successful market season and to expand the scope of our company, including work in the mycoremediation field, and education and outreach. Please read more on the additional pages to learn more about who we are, and what our company is doing to work towards a stronger, more resilient agricultural and social community. Thank you for your interest and support. As always, stay connected and eat more mushrooms!

Who We Are…Just two Fun-guys-

Travis Custer  Travis Custer-

I was born outside of Colorado Springs some 27 years ago and after a stint living in North Carolina as a child moved back west to beautiful Colorado- where I continue to call home. Specifically, I have been residing in the San Juan and La Plata Mountains for about the past 8 years.

I spent a few years living in Leadville, CO getting a degree in Outdoor Education before moving to Durango, CO to pursue more education. After a short stint at Fort Lewis College majoring in Environmental Policy I decided I was ready to dive into the world degree or no degree. At the time I took on the pursuit of environmental activism and the practice of organic agriculture. The past 7 years since then have been quite the journey involving seed saving projects in Northern Nicaragua, community organizing, homesteading and having a wonderful baby boy named Eddy with my wonderful partner in life Gretchen. Last year our family finally landed here in Mancos, Colorado and have come to enjoy my community deeply.

At this point my goal continues to be the pursuit of a meaningful existence, and a deeper connection with the earth and all who share it. My goal for this company is to use San Juan Mycology as a tool to better the health of the environment and our community. I look forward to sharing, teaching and working to better our community here in Southwest Colorado and the greater world. I hope you enjoy your time with us here.

With all my dedication and gratitude, and always for the land.


Gabe Deall Gabe Deall-

Greetings!  i was raised in Boulder Colorado. Shortly  after high school I moved in the mountain’s west of  Boulder where I started work as a forestry technician.  It was during this time in life I fell in love with the diverse ecosystems of Colorado.  In particular, the understory life which flourishes in our coniferous forests.  I began wild-crafting plants and mushrooms, quickly becoming interested in their life cycle and taxonomy.  Foraging for mushrooms has become a huge part of my identity.  This began my self taught background in mycology.

After a through hike on the Colorado trail in 2007 I decided to move to Southwestern Colorado.  During a brief period of study at Fort Lewis College I met Travis Custer. We both knew our lives were headed toward agricultural pursuits and being stewards of this earth.  It was during a summer filled with mushroom forays and farm work we began hatching the idea of what would become San Juan Mycology.

San Juan Mycology is quickly becoming more than just an agricultural producer.  Our outreach and education has truly tied us and our work to the community.  Our remediation project shows potential for creating healthier soils and more responsible communities.  As San Juan Mycology moves into its second season we look forward to growing a healthy product for our community, and researching how fungi can aid in ecosystem restoration; starting by making our own back yard a healthier place to live. We also look forward to sharing what we learn, and our mycological knowledge with the community. Thanks for everyones continual support.

-Be wild. Be well. Stay hydrated.

– Gabe


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