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It has been a busy season, as you can see by the lack of efficient posting on our part. Everyone says we need to be more plugged in with the social media, blog, and online scene, but time has been mostly spent teaching and growing! With a little free time this morning and some good strong coffee I’m here to provide an update on some of our recent and upcoming events!

1. Summer Education Series:  The summer series has been a blast so far! We have had fantastic turnout for the first two classes, and are looking forward to the upcoming classes which include Mycomedicinals this weekend and a cooking class in September with Chef Jason from local restaurant Olio. Jason is a great supporter of our mushrooms and a fantastic chef! Students have been excited to incorporate fungi into their lives and learn more about this amazing organism. For more information or to sign up, CLICK HERE. 

Travis teaches students about cultivation techniques during the Summer Education Series

Travis teaches students about cultivation techniques during the Summer Education Series











2. San Juan Mycology involved in Permaculture Design Course: We were blessed with the opportunity earlier this summer to participate in a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in Durango, CO. This was a great opportunity, and students were excited to learn about the life cycle of fungi and the role of these decomposers in agriculture design systems and soil development. As a hands on activity we helped students install and a King Stropharia bed (Stropharia rugosoannulata) in a local food cafe’s garden. Making a mushroom patch is fun, easy, and can produce edible fungi for years to come!

Students spreading mushroom spawn into a bed installation

Students spreading mushroom spawn into a bed installation










3. Mycoremediation Research Continues: Our research project at Fort Lewis College has been going well. Currently, native species are being grown out in the lab on substrates contaminated with Milestone herbicide. The goal of this research is to train species to degrade this chemical for potential use in remediation of agricultural soils that have been contaminated. This project has been extremely meaningful thus far, and so far things are moving along well. By fall we hope to incorporate students into the project and by next spring install and monitor field sites. More on this exciting project to come!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Mark your calendar!

Telluride Mushroom Festival: Join us at the Telluride Mushroom Festival this year, AUGUST 15-19  in beautiful Telluride Colorado. Sure to be fun for all, this festival offers amazing education opportunities in a wide range of fungi related topics including: foraging, medicinals, remediation, cultivation, cooking and more! We will be there helping out so look for us!












Durango Mountain Resort Mushroom Festival: We will also be participating and teaching at the Durango Mountain Resort Mushroom Festival this year, August  23rd, teaching alongside Chris Ricci of Majesty Mushrooms. Topics will include wild mushroom identification, log cultivation techniques, and life cycle and ecological role of fungi. This promises to be a fun event for the whole family!


Like I said, a lot going on! It has been a great summer and there is certainly more to come so stay tuned! As always thank you all for the support.


With dedication and gratitude,

San Juan Mycology



8 Days Left! $1,426.00 Raised!

Thanks to all for the support during our time on Harvest Funders! The fundraiser isn’t over yet, but we only have 8 days left! Send this far and wide to see how much more funding we can bring in before our project closes! We are super excited about this project, and the opportunity to benefit our community and the community of others. The potential for land remediation through the use of fungi is only growing, and holds some very promising potential. Help us contribute to this body of knowledge!


We also want to send out our deepest thank you to the people who have funded us this far! Most of them have not shared their names, and many we can’t see their email address either, but none the less we are extremely grateful for all the support thus far! We will do our best to reach out to funders to help keep them updated on project happenings and get them their gifts for donations!




Check out the video, and share with all your friends. Thank you to all for such great support!



Herbicide Research Fundraiser Launched! $736.00 On Day ONE!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to put a quick post up about the launching of our herbicide fundraiser yesterday on! This is a great new crowd funding website started by a guy named Jesse here locally. It has made some national news so we are hoping to get this fundraiser spread far and wide. So far we have done so with great success raising $736.00 in the opening day! This is nearly 10% of our target goal, but we only have 30 days to do it so the more help the better!


We want to give a deep and grateful thanks to the funders so far:

Linley Dixon- a wonderful local farmer here in the area, she runs Adobe House Farms, and also holds a PhD in plant pathology. Linley has been associated with identifying some of the herbicide contamination around here and is avid that we move forward with this project. Thanks to Linley for kicking off the fundraiser, and donating within the first few opening hours! Please visit her website, and check out their Farmer’s Market stand in Durango









Jerry Deall- Jerry is one of our long time, and greatest supporters. In fact, he is largely the reason that San Juan Mycology is in existence. Jerry is Gabe’s father and provided the startup loan for our company, and continues to be a strong force of support for our success. Jerry resides in Northern Colorado but has spent many a day in the Southwest helping us line up electrical and air systems for the cultivation, and generally just being a great guy! Jerry has made a significant contribution to the research project and our deepest gratitude is heading his way today!








We also received two donations from anonymous donors- whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for your contribution to the project. Your support is greatly appreciated. Help us spread the word far and wide. We only have 29 more days, but we are confident we can achieve our goal! Visit our post at

Sign Up Now! 2014 Summer Education Series

Hello All!

We are super excited to announce the official launch of our 2014 Summer Education Series! We have spent all winter developing the workshop series, and we think you will enjoy it as much as we will! Some highlights of the upcoming Education series:

1. Learn fun, low-tech methods for home cultivation of your favorite gourmet mushrooms!

2. Learn about all the ways fungi benefit our natural and human world!

3. Learn ways to benefit your health through mushroom medicinals, and how you can make these powerful medicines at home!

4. Join us with the help of Jason Blankenship, local chef and owner of Olio in Mancos, to learn the fine art of cooking with gourmet mushrooms!

All of these exciting topics will be covered over the course of the Summer of 2014. One class a month during June, July, August and September, so hopefully they won’t dig into your summer too much, although we don’t think you will mind!

San Juan Mycology will also pledge 10% of all proceeds to our CSE (Community Supported Education) Program, which will help us to get into public schools and teach kids about ecology, local food, and of course the magical world of mushrooms!

Please click here for more information and to sign up, spaces will fill fast so don’t wait!

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Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

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